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Discover Club Cordial!

Welcome to the Human Resources web page, dedicated to those pushing people, with a high level of commitment, initiative, and costumer oriented who wish to belong to the team of Cordial Canarias Hotels & Resort.

Cordial Canaria´s team is, together with the quality of its facilities, the main reason of our success, and an important requirement to achieve the leadership we pursue. Many professional from different nationalities, completely committed with our company's philosophy who from the different levels of organization have made the service to the costumer the goal of their profession.

Cordial Canarias Hotels & Resort knows that those who belong to our team represent our main advantage to compete, and have made out of Cordial Canarias what it is today, and, day after day, they build the future of the company. Because of that, Cordial Canarias makes a big effort to guarantee the well being and professional and personal development of all its employees, creating a dynamic environment where every individual idea is valued, investing in their training and promoting the internal communication to create the best atmosphere to work.

Your professional development, in the winning team of Cordial Canarias will get as far as you wish.

Cordial Canarias Hotels & Resorts invites you to send us your curriculum. A team of staff full of enthusiasm and passion for their work are waiting to share with you the magic of making the dreams of thousands of people a reality: their holiday.

Your CV: